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A.I.M. (All-Inclusive Maintenance) Program

This fully customizable program allows you to pick any 4 of the 8 services listed below. We will work with you to coordinate a plan of action that fits your specific needs. Our A.I.M. service is guaranteed to rid your home of any unwanted pests, as well as make sure they never return, all at a 40% discount! This program requires that all services run through the max term allowable. In example, year-round or April- November, depending on the service.

Some restrictions may apply. Call our office for more details.

The following services are available to our A.I.M. customers:

  1. Tick Control
  2. Exterior Vole and Rodent Control
  3. Mole Monitoring
  4. Carpenter Ants Monitoring
  5. Interior / Exterior Insect Control
  6. Interior Rodent Monitoring
  7. Sweet Feeding Ants Monitoring
  8. Termite Monitoring

East End Pest Truck

At East End Pest Management Inc., we serve both residential and commercial structures/customers.  We provide interior and exterior insect and spider control services and monthly maintenance. Our service area extends from the Moriches throughout the North and South Forks of eastern Long Island. Make sure you and your family are safeguarded against unwanted pests.

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